HMMI's niche is building large, heavy parts for OEM's that require machining after welding. We have a large selection of raw materials on hand which we cut, bend, machine, paint and ship. HMMI is a one-stop-shop, taking your order from a flat plate to a finished part, all under one roof.

Having the capabilities to complete all of these disciplines, eliminates logistics costs and multiple suppliers for our customers, getting one completed weldment to their floor...ready to assemble. This ultimately provides shorter lead time and simpler coordination in their supply chain. 

What Value Add Does HMMI Bring to OEM's?
HMMI's leadership team has over 30 years of manufacturing experience, including eight managers who have completed the Lean Bronze Certification Process - meaning we recognize the areas that save your company time and money.  

What is the Typical Turnaround Time for Production?
While our typical turnaround time is six weeks from purchase to shipment, with the proper and strategic use of Kanban and supermarkets on frequently ordered parts, HMMI can reduce the order timing from two to four weeks on rush orders.

What's the Largest Part You Can Handle?

  • Machining: HMMI can machine parts as large as 9' x 21' x 6', with a 40 ton overhead lift capacity.
  • Finishing and Assembly: We paint parts up to 50' long, 8' high and 8.5' wide in multiple booths, using up to six colors per booth or more for complex projects. 

How Large is Your Facility?
Our facility is 100,000 square feet. 

Do You Keep Raw Materials on Hand?
Absolutely. We have an expansive indoor steel storage space which allows us to keep a large section of raw materials on-hand, so we can meet today's build-to-demand needs quickly. 

Are Your Welders Certified?
Yes - HMMI has over 20 AWS-certified welders and robotic welding capabilities as well. 

Do You Use Wet Paint or Powder Coat?
HMMI has three paint booths utilizing wet paint. If powder coat is needed, we partner with suppliers nearby to outsource. 

Where Are You Located?
Our facility is located in Huron South Dakota, but we work with customers across the country. 

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